Designer Vaginas

In the previous post I linked to articles that discuss the practice of female genital mutilation/cutting.  It is worth pointing out that this practice is not unique to non-western countries.  As this article indicates “designer vaginas” are increasingly popular in America and England.


One response to “Designer Vaginas

  1. In the non-western countries, the practice of female genital cutting or mutilation is a rite of passage and signifies when a girl becomes a woman. It also gives them respect among their tribe. In this case however, the women in the western countries are using this practice for aesthetics only. I find it interesting that women in the western civilization choose to have this done, and probably pay a lot of money for it, when the non-western countries do this as a ritual and have been doing it since anyone can remember. From an anthropological standpoint, this just shows that there is a specific mindset in our culture that you have to be perfect in every way. Because of this mindset, some people feel the need to get cosmetic surgery on many parts of their body because they believe people will like them better and they will feel better about themselves. It is interesting that western civilization and non-western countries practice female genital cutting, but for a completely different reason.

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