Climate Change Conference

Today is the first day of the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The conference will run for 2 weeks (Dec 7th – 18th) as world leaders  from 193 countries discuss strategies for dealing with climate change.  Remarkably, 56 newspapers published the same editorial today urging leaders to set a clear timetable for a treaty (Copenhagen will likely result in a deal to be signed into treaty at a later date).  The Miami Herald was the only US newspaper to print the editorial.

The US, who emits more carbon than any other nation, will play a large role in the negotiations.  President Obama recently announced that he would attend the conference (Dec. 18th), signaling a reversal from  former US policy.  The US pledge to reduce carbon emissions (17% by 2020) is based on the cap and trade bill passed by the US congress but yet to be passed by the Senate.  A few quick resources on the conference:

  1. Democracy Now! will be covering the event for the entire two weeks.
  2. This article published by Time outlines 5 things to watch for at the conference.
  3. Here is a link to the Guardian’s website on climate change.

I will add more as the conference goes on.


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