Early Humans and Tools

This New York Times article discusses a recent archaeological findings that suggests that early humans heat-treated their tools much earlier than once thought; a technique used to make tools harder and stronger.  The new evidence suggests that heat-treating tools occured at least 72,000 years ago, quite a difference from the old estimate of 25,000 years.  The archaeologists found no evidence of burning in the studied supporting their argument that the tools were intentionally heat-treated.  In addition;

they conducted tests on some of the artifacts, including one that showed that flaked surfaces had a glossiness that occurs only when the stone has been heated, proving that the stones were heated first and then worked into tools.


One response to “Early Humans and Tools

  1. These guys need to get out more.
    It is a well known fact that heating stones that come from wet environments will cause them to split apart allowing them to be chipped and worked into tools with much less effort! Nothing new or news worthy here.

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