Economic Crises

Over the past couple months I’ve been trying to get a handle on the global economic crises.  I thought I’d share some of the resources I have encountered.  The first, is an episode of This American life discussing the beginnings of a housing bubble; you can read a transcript here.  More recently, This American Life produced another episode about Bad Banks.

The popularity of these episodes resulted in the creation of a podcast and blog called Planet Money; an excellent resource for understanding the economy and financial system in general.

I also encountered the work of Nassim Taleb, a mathematician who saw the economic crises coming and wrote about it in the book The Black Swan.  Here is a video of Taleb on Charlie Rose discussing the crises.  Here is a video of Taleb in conversation with behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman.

For analysis of capitalism in general I have found David Harvey, a Marxist geographer at City University of New York, to be particularly enlightening.  Below is a video of  David Harvey’s interview on Democracy Now:

Here is another video of Daivd Harvey in conversation with Alexander Cockburn.

Finally, below is an interesting debate between Naomi Klein and Alan Greenspan that highlights the opposing views on the matter of global capitalism.


2 responses to “Economic Crises

  1. From Keynes (New Deal), to Friedman (Neoliberalism), back to Keynes (global financial crisis)… where next?

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