A Map is Worth a Thousand Words

This TED video is really telling of how we inform our worldview and a good reminder that our beliefs, attitudes and understandings of the world are shaped by what we see on a daily basis.  Do you think the news media fuels ethnocentrism in the United States?  Please comment.


One response to “A Map is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Katrina Holliday

    The TED video was an eye opener for me. I guess that I hadn’t REALLY ever thought about the content of what is displayed on the news daily. I too am guilty of accessing my news by way of computer and my television set.

    Yes, I do believe that the media only shows what they want us to see. This is mainly, as the video shows, about the latest celebrity. It has gotten to the point where I just don’t care anymore, I am guilty of being very much attuned to “celebrity culture” at first.

    I was surprised when I realized (from the video), that in fact we don’t hear/see much about global news from our news stations. The video says its because its cheaper, not to cover global news!

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